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  012.0103 24KD Complete Torch-3M
  012.0104 24KD Complete Torch-4M
  012.0105 24KD Complete Torch-5M
1 145.0047 Cylindrical Nozzel Φ16mm
2 145.0080 Conical Nozzal Φ 12mm
3 145.0128 Tapered Nozzel Φ 9.5 mm
4 140.0051 M6×28×0.8 Contact Tip, E-Cu
  140.0169 M6×28×0.9 Contact Tip, E-Cu
  140.0242 M6×28×1.0 Contact Tip, E-Cu
  140.0379 M6×28×1.2 Contact Tip, E-Cu
  140.0054 M6×28×0.8 Contact Tip,CuCrZr
  140.0245 M6×28×1.0 Contact Tip,CuCrZr
  140.0382 M6×28×1.2 Contact Tip,CuCrZr
5 142.0003 Contact Tip Holder
6 012.0183 Gas Diffuser, DMC
    Gas Diffuser, Ceramic
7 998.0090 Swan Neck
8 400.0044C Plastic Nut
9 180.0076 Handle?
10 185.0031 Switch
11 500.0225 Cable Support Spring
12 500.0225 Cable Support Spring
13 501.2248 Cable Support Machine Side
14 500.0213 Adaptor Nut
15 501.0003 Central Connector KZ-2
16 501.0082 Nut M10×1
17   Steel Liner, For wire Φ 0.8-1.0,3.5M
    Steel Liner, For wire Φ 0.8-1.0,4.5M
    Steel Liner, For wire Φ 0.8-1.0,5.5M

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